Monday, 10 October 2016

Andy Warhol Photography project is free to download  and is a useful free tool for photo editing.

We will be using it to do some self portraits Andy Warhol style in photography The instructions are below.
I found the written step by step instructions easier to follow than the video

Entry 3 Functional skills writing

Some resources

Past papers from Abingdon and Witney College

Resources on Excellence Gateway

Saturday, 8 October 2016

Developing routines

I'm participating in a Future Learn Course 

Part of this was the idea of developing routines for the end of the day. This is my poster.

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Compound Words

Two worksheets to accompany the Skills workshop resource Compound Words

Compound Words : Buildings

Compound Words : Accessories

Change from 50p

Change from 50p

Round up to the next whole pound

Entry 2/3 Money

Rounding up over£5

Worksheet  Rounding up to next pound under £2.00

How much money will they cost ?

 Entry 2  Money

Two worksheets. Each worksheet has only 3 sums.At the moment I am having to break down everything into bite size. This allows my students to achieve and then move on rather that tackling a long worksheet all in one go.

The worksheets are embedded in a widget so they can be previewed before downloading.

worksheet 1  . Adding two item under £1.00

Worksheet 2 Adding items under £1.00


How many £ coins will I need? Entry 1 worksheet

Charity Logos a socrative quiz for entry level students

A ten question charity logo  quiz on Socrative 

The quiz number is


Bullying and Harrasement at the Railway station

Watch the video 

In groups discuss:

What happened here? What could have happened? 

 Emma is about to jump on the track to fetch her headphones just as a fast train is about to pass. She may be too upset to look for trains and she hasn’t heard a train approaching. Chris – who just bullied her – ends up saving her life.

Bullying and harassing others can put them in danger by alienating and isolating them. Even an un-thoughtful act can put others in real danger. 

These notes are taken from the website Track off

Feedback to the class

Information sheet: